Fireheart_fh72 has been avidly making messes in the irc chat since its beginning, starting from crazy dreams to roleplaying with friends to just basic complaining, getting kicked from the chat multiple times, and even once banned, he's still here in the chat today! And he's me!

About fireheart_fh72

Fireheart_fh72 is an 18 yr old male from the middle of nowhere, currently attending college and pursuing a future in the graphic design field.

He is an avid osu! player, and has achieved top 50k in the game and is only climbing higher.

Osu! profile: ☀

In his free time, he uploads videos to his yt channel, and also streams games! Although 90% of it is osu!

twitch: ☀


Basically, all he does is play osu!

Yes, even in classes

Some of his friends






And many more I probably forgot. Been here too long q-q

For anyone wondering

For anyone wondering why I take constant long breaks from the chat, its cause I've been preparing for college and have a pretty busy life, and sometimes the chat is more tiring than real life problems! But when I take a break, I often forget to come back and end up missing the anniversary videos (:()