Jack_Corn (most commonly refered to as Jack) is a half-oped chatter on PlayingWithMahWii's IRC chat. He was formerly known as Princess_Jaquelyne from 2012-2014, before going inactive.  He is currently active as Jack_Corn as of November 2015.


Jack Corcoran was born January 5th, 2000.  He is a caucasian male of Irish, Italian, and French descent, who currently lives in a small city outside of the capital of Connecticut.  He has many step-siblings, but none blood related.  He is formerly known as Princess_Jaquelyne, a username active from 2012-2014.  After about one year off of the IRC, he decided to return as his true self, Jack_Corn, and has been active since late 2015.


Jack's position/rank in #WiiArmy is Ninja/Assassin.

He is good at Mario Kart 7.

He 2 step-sisters and 4 step-brothers.

He got the nickname "Jack_Corn" from a friend, who originally pronounced his last name as "Corn-in-a-can."