In the IRC, there are a lot of common things that happen in there. This is a list of them.

Name: Image Description
#WiiArmy WiiArmyLogo see #WiiArmy
Secret Word WordsSecret see Secret Word
o3o O3o by o3oblinkplz-d3bi7v7 An emoticon frequently used a lot in the IRC. Symbolizes a duck-face in reality.
o-o An emoticon frequently used a lot in the IRC. Used usually when someone is creeped out or confused by something.
Meep see Meep
Nomming see Nomming
The Pool see IRC Mansion
Flexing see Flexing
Neko Dying see NekoBrianFangirl
"Who's Evil?" fight A fight between SparksElectroKoopa and webkinz on who's evil. Usually has stuff as in calling names (Like browniekinz) and nomming shells.
Friends Used sometimes by Anthony & Darthvaporizer sarcastically (Or possibly real WHO KNOWS :O) being nice by saying stuff like "He's my good friend :)".
The Anthony Armada 130513-153803 See The Anthony Armada
¬¬/¬3¬ An emoticon used by the_pony_master but used by other people as well to symbolize whenever someone does something and the person watching is like "Really?"
Glomping User962893 pic42665 1298177487 see Glomping
Cards Used mainly by the_pony_master. Usually whenever someone doesn't listen, he puts up a card, (Most of the time it's yellow) signaling them to stop.
IRC Stats See IRC Stats
Joining & Quitting A situation when someone joins and then quits all of a sudden or joins, says something then quits after saying that almost immediately or immediately.
Buffalo Used mostly by SeventhDisaster"Buffalo buffalo Buddalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo." is usually said at complete random or in unfitting situations.
Spring Green Used mainly by Kite. A color in the Colors section that he uses sometimes in the chat. (Even though colors are not allowed)
Potato Used mainly by T2norway . It doesn't make any sense at all, and can be used at all occasions. Saying potato to T2 makes him often glad.
E:3 Used mainly by NickCore. The "E" is a comb and this started being used a long time ago, that no one even remembers.
(OvO) The owl, mainly used by NickCore and NekoBrianFangirl. The owl was introduced some time ago after Neko had posted "Owls " by Weebl.
Flailing Flaiking Really only used by pwmwfangirl. It's to express either her happiness or randomness.
Farting Only used by Singe. It is used to be obnoxious and/or try to make the chat alive again. 
Put it in My Mouth Used by ChaosC57. A way of saying to put it in his mouth.
ETSLA Even though she left already

Even though he already left

PokemonGod777's Pools Pushing people into a different pool, dependent on their actions. The Welcome Pool for joining, The Leaving Pool. The Stolen Job Pool, The Fake Pool. Each Pool is made up of something, WP = LAVA, LP=Liquid Nitrogen, SJP = It was stolen, FP=Cardboard