The Peepsi logo

Peepsi is the name of a fictional brand of cola, based off of the real-life Pepsi Cola . It is a portmanteau of the commonly used IRC word "Peep" and "Pepsi". Its logo is a red and a blue swirl  around a distorted Wii remote. The Peepsi company is rumoured to have ties with Domi-no's Peepza but nobody knows for sure.



A picture of an open 12 ounce can of Peepsi Cola

May 23rd, 2014 Peepsi was created during the "05-23-14 Previous Playthroughs Stream" around the end when Anthony was talking about how he had Pepsi with his dinner, and then people started saying Peepsi.

Branding and promotionsEdit

Ever since time immemorial, Peepsi has always had a picture of their celebrity endorser PlayingWithMahWii on each and every can. Recently, they signed a not-so-secret contract with Domi-no's Peepza that had a promotion where each one of their boxes held a coupon for a free Peepza when presented at the cash.