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Fan-depiction of PlayingWithMahWii's original character, Antoshio






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Anthony, Ant, Antoshi, and Antoshio
Anthony is a(n) AWESOME Wii Dude. "<kapitank> anime was created by a Russian merchant Gistron Tirtoliv, selling the work of Anthony on giant scrolls"

- Anthony's (PlayingWithMahWii's) current quote

PlayingWithMahWii (AKA Anthony and Ant) is the ruler of the YouTube channel PlayingWithMahWii. He is a huge Nintendo fan, and really loves his friends, Cory5896 (Cory), ChaosC57 (Dec), Tyman291486 (Tyman), DarkReindhart (Zero), Zerobeat36 (Brian) Kite (DarthVaporizer), Ken (mr_wibble) and Ostred (Kafro). He is best friends with SeventhDisaster.


October 11, 2008

The day he started up a YouTube channel, PlayingWithMahWii, which developed into the community it is today.

Since starting his channel in 2008, he has gained over 30,000 subscribers.

More About AntoshiEdit

"Antoshi" is a portmanteau name consisting of Anthony and Satoshi, the Japanese name of the protagonist of the Pokémon anime. He used this name as a character in an AOL Pokémon role-playing group. He used the moniker for many things, including his Fanfiction author name. On Anthony's DeviantArt page a new character, Antoshio, appears in the webcomic "Super Antoshio Bros." as well as the in-character Tumblr blog "Ask Antoshio".

Antoshi is also the main character of a fanfiction series created by Anthony. The series follows Antoshi in his adventures as a Pokémon Trainer, many decades in the future after the timeline of the main series games.


Screenshot 2015-05-16-21-04-30

A phone screenshot of the moment in the chat he revealed Anthony was born in New York.

  • PlayingWithMahWii's role in the #WiiArmy is Sir Ultra Major Badass Marshall Admiral Viceroy Grand Duke Chancellor King Princess Pope President Prime Minister C.E.O. Buddha God Governor Shogun Tzar Caesar C.M.O, Ph. D.
  • As of May the 28th of 2013 at 11:05 am, Anthony stated he plays Minecraft.
  • "Antoshi" was PlayingWithMahWii's name before PlayingWithMahWii.
  • While Anthony currently resides in Florida, he has revealed in the chat that he was born in Corona, NY, to the much fangirlling of New York City native Truepixartronphan
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