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Rosalina's Ice World - Mario Kart 7 Famitracker

schmutz is not a man. pennsylvania. schmutz is always hungry. she has very cute kitties who are the best. engineering are hard 

chat stuffEdit

schmutz hangs out on the channel like all the time and is an admin. whatever that means. she idles sometimes but will join the conversation if it's interesting or if she found a new photo to link and annoy everybody with. she's hungry literally all the time but never does anything about it. btw pwmwbot is off the market everyone

crayola cerulean is p chill as far as colors goEdit

some cold hard facts: 

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I mean just look at this

  • Julie Andrews is queen of the entire universe
  • Stana Katic is goddess of everything ever
  • 20 going on 4
  • video games are cool I guess. if you're into that sort of thing
  • wooper is the best pokemon
  • mayonnaise is satan's favorite condiment
  • marching band is too a sport

schmutz is a pro athleteEdit

schmutz plays softball, usually at second base. she also frequently marathons (TV shows and movies). only mention

Castle or anything relating to the Queen if available for a 40-minute fangirling session

the meaning behind the name schmutzEdit

means dirt 

various contact info Edit

  • twitter: @VVooper
  • 3ds: 3952-8200-0528
  • wii u: schmutz-schmootz
  • skype: zyrgle
  • youtube: vvooper