Siubiku joined the chat when it was first made, and has shown up semi-regularly ever since. He likes to make weird faces and lewd comments.

Interests Edit

I'm primarily a PC gamer, I built my first real gaming PC around May of 2013. I like a variety of different stuff, but my favorite are heavily moddable games, like Elder Scrolls, Fallout, or Stalker.

My Current PC Specs: Edit

CPU - Intel I7 6700k Skylake

RAM - 16 GB DDR4

Graphics - Nvidia GTX 970

Windows 7 running off of SSD

Other Info Edit

  • I first found the Playingwithmahwii channel while searching for a Super Mario Land playthrough; I had played it a bunch when I was younger but never got very far, and wanted to see the end.
  • The name Siubiku comes from an old MMO I played called Dungeon Runners. It was originally an acronym I made up, the meaning of which is now lost to history.