A screenshot of one of the calls.

Some regulars of the IRC run a pretty exclusive Skype group.


August 8th, 2013Edit

The first PWMW Skype group was founded, originally just a call between a few regulars, it eventually grew much larger.

September 14th, 2013Edit

Due to some disputes and drama between members of the IRC, a second, more active Skype group was founded by T2norway, PowBlock and Nekusammo.

April 30th - May 3rd, 2015 Edit

PWMW Skype Chat

A logo T2 made for the PWMW Skype Chat back in 2013.

Hosted by SeventhDisaster, the group held a call that lasted a total of 77 Hours. The call was cut at one point due to the host's local town was hit by a short blackout, causing the host's internet connection to die long enough so the call got cut off. They accomplished the task of keeping the call going, by having certain members of the call sleep while still being on the call. The sleeping members mostly consisting of the Norwegians SeventhDisaster, Powie and T2norway.

June 22nd - June 27th, 2015Edit

This time, hosted by T2norway, the group call lasted 158 hours, 31 minutes and 1 second. That's the longest call they've ever had so far.

March 22nd, 2016 Edit

Due to many issues with the Skype group for some unknown reason, the group was refounded by Kite (Darthvaporizer) and the group has been downsized in hopes to prevent the issues from occurring again.


There are a lot of people that are members of the skype group, but some are more active than others! Some of the more active members of the skype group are:


  • Powie playing with tape
  • Neko's scream face
  • Powie's creep face
  • Neko's creep face
  • Neko-lass cage
  • Powie head bobbin' (animated)
  • All your base are belong to Powie
  • The creepiest photoshop picture of Neko's face, ever
  • Powie flopping
  • Cousin Neko!
  • Another creepy Neko photoshop pic
  • You don't say
  • Doctor Neko Robotnic
  • Pinky Neko
  • NekoTheWhale
  • Powie being a man ᕙ(`皿´)╯(animated)
  • Powie being creepy, again (animated)
  • Powie playing with tape, again (animated)
  • ? ? ?
  • "Is the bug still there?"
  • "Such grace"
  • dope
  • Powie drinking ice cream chocolate topping
  • Powie did it again
  • A friendly bonding moment between friends :3
  • Sev has face.
  • Spooky anime Sev
  • Even spookier anime Sev

Sometimes members of the chat use their webcams in group calls. This usually leads to the creation of multiple photoshopped pictures, particularly with Neko and Powie's faces.

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