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Sparksy, Sparky, Gummy, Strudel, Squirt, Rebound

"You... YOU... BROWNIE!!!"
SparksElectroKoopa is (unsurprisingly) an Electro-Koopa with a blue shell and a halfop at PlayingWithMahWii's IRC channel. He is best described as a "cookie", as he seems mean to the point of being no-nonsense or getting into arguments. However, he is rather nice and easy-going and would happily help and hang out once one has gotten past his rough exterior. Although he has given up on making Let's Plays, he may return some day if some inspiration strikes him. 
  • One of Sparks' fave ponies.
  • His current Steam handle
  • Unique Yoshi from PM:TTYD
He enjoys playing a variety of games ranging from Super Mario Sunshine to Borderlands 2 to Street Fighter X Tekken and a bit beyond. He is always looking for opponents in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl because he would like a new person to play against and to remind him of his good old days when he had a very good friend who played with him.


He spends a plenteous amount of time on Steam and Skype as well as on the IRC channel. Also is somewhat of a pony fan.
As everyone else has, Sparks has met various people via IRC.


Honestly has no idea how these two get along. They seem to get along well, but it is unconfirmed.


While it seems they are playing around, they always seem to call each other "evil" and try to prove that to each other.


The two seem to get along well. Whenever he is around, Sparks like to assume his other alias, PonyChangeling and follow him around.