(a.k.a Teh)

TehFuhfZ is a half op in the chat #playingwithmahwii.

About himEdit

TehFuhfZ originially found the chat by watching Anthony's video that had to do with the chatroom itself. He had technical difficulties at first but later managed to join the chatroom. TehFuhfZ also plays a wide array of games ranging from 3rd person shooters like GunZ, to cartoony games like Maplestory or something. His close friends are Sparks, PonyPage, PWMWBot, Princess_Jaquelyne, TehFuhfZ, TehFuhfZ, and TehFuhfZ! TehFuhfZ's profile picture is Pinkie Pie posing from one of the episodes in the first season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, made by Hasbro. TehFuhfZ loves chatting with other people, especially his friends, and he tries his best to interact with everyone as much as possible. TehFuhfZ loves music, and also loves game reviews. (Don't ask why). TehFuhfZ used to be friends with the_pony_master, but recently, he has announced that he has quit. TehFuhfZ is extremely undecisive and will play a wide array of games within an hour, since he loves all of the ones he has. His Steam account name is "Protestin' Fuzz" and his Skype is, no joke at all, "propaneseller". Add him if you want. Overall, TehFuhfZ is the average guy. Be nice to him, he's nice to you. Be mean, he booms on you. (That rhymed.) 
Chibi TehFuhfZ

Thanks FuukaYamagishi :)