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TheGamingBytes (He looks Alot younger than he is :))

TheGamingBytes is a tea loving British Fanatic who always hands out free cups of Kou-Cha (Nice cup of British Tea) to anyone who wanders into the chat room. Currently he is learning Japanese (Japinse) and French and Scottish Gaelic so Speak to him in any language you want.

Life story - PWMWEdit

Back yonder in 2009 I found a YouTube Channel that I actually enjoyed watching. I was into retro games at that time (even though now I'd call 2009 retro) so I stumbled apon PWMW's Super Mario Bros. 2 Playthough and from then on in, I've been watching all of his stuffs. TheGamingBytes has been on a couple of his streams under the name PokéMaster395 but I needed to change my nickname because my sister didn't like Pokémon. My favourite playthrough would be his Super Mario Sunshine or Galaxy 1/2 games.

Quotes / CatchphrasesEdit

  • "I'll be fine"
  • "I brought me tea/milky brew!"
  • "Want to play MK8?"
  • "皆さんこんにちわ!!"
  • "Bonjour Tout le monde"
  • *sob*