• ElliottB1

    Anthony's Adventure

    September 12, 2013 by ElliottB1

    Fan fiction by pwmwfangirl:  It was a normal day at Anthony's house somewhere in Florida. He rolled out of bed to see his cat, Mittens, laying at the end of the bed. He looked in the mirror to see himself. He was wearing a gray t-shirt with a 1-up on it and black shorts. His blonde hair was disheveled. He walked to his kitchen to get himself some breakfast. He reached into his pantry and grabbed some Anthony O's, his own cereal.then grabbed a bowl and poured the Anthony O's. He walked to the fridge, grabbed milk, poured it into the bowl, and then placed it back in the fridge. Once he was finished eating he took a shower and got dressed in his favorite white shirt with a Mario mushroom on it and the word "MEEP!!!" at the bottom and some jea‚Ķ

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